Taking a Look at the Romantic Era

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Romantic Era Romanticism was brought to life around 1780 and thinned out around 1850. During this age romantic thought and imagination was chosen over reason, emotions, logic, intuition, and science. The late 18th century was a perfect era for romanticism. During this time period it spread wildly through the countries of Europe, the United States and Latin America and touched the pens of so many writers. Romanticism gave a type of feeling that made a lot excited or enthused to write and express their inner person through their works. This time period known as "romantic like" had a lot going on and held a lot for people of literature with the help of imagination and thought the romanticism era was brought to life. The meaning of this era was wondered about all over, through many decades such as from or time period to its original time period. This question of what this time era meant brought about a lot of discussion or arguing between literary and European historians, and critics. What was pretty much know for sure was that this era was felt with all thought and ideas. Romantic ideas came about as both implied and stated criticisms of 18th century Enlightenment even though many of these ideas were generated by a sense of not being able to deal with with the dominant ideals of the Enlightenment and of the society that produced them. Many Romantics during this era were liberals, conservatives, revolutionaries, and reactionaries. There were those who were
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