Taking a Look at the Romantic Movement

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The Romantic Movement was one of the shortest periods in British literary history, starting in 1785 and ending in 1832, but it was also one of the most complex and diverse of literary times due to social and cultural changes that were taking place. Many political events provided the framework for this era, such as the major reform of the British Parliament, America declaring their independence from Great Britain, and the democratic revolution in France (Greenblatt 1412). Although politics played a large role in shaping the Romantic Era, it was also largely about “the recovery from obscurity of the medieval romances, previously ignored by literary historians more concerned with classical influences” (Greenblatt 1412). Romantics wrote stories of imagination, love, chivalry, nature, and adventure. A couple poets who greatly influenced this literary movement were William Blake and Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Blake and Coleridge’s ideas and writing techniques were different from one another, but both rejected the neoclassical style before them; they were advocates of a new writing style in which they wrote about their similar political views, love of nature, and mythological tales. Both romantics used nature in many of their works, but they each viewed it in contrasting ways and used it differently throughout their writing. Blake loved nature, but he thought of it only as a helper to the imagination. He believed nature was meaningless without the imagination to humanize it. Most of
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