Taking a Look at the Shard

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The view at the top of the Shard is breath-taking. London is seen all around you like a moving tapestry. The View, which is situated on floors 68, 69 and 72 of the Shard, is twice the height of any other platform in London. It has been London’s long awaited attraction where people enjoy 360 degree views for up to 40 miles. Our sense of vision in this day and age is key to understanding and acknowledging everything around us. In architecture the idea of uniqueness is taken from the use of light and vision expressed. Architecture is mainly made us of glass and other materials to support it. Natural light within open interior spaces being illuminated and divisions dependent on light and transparency are vital part of modern architect influence. Piano says, ‘I have spoken of immaterial elements. These are such things as light, transparency, vibration, texture and color, elements that interact with the form of the space but are not just a function of it. I started out, in an ingenious, even rather primitive way, from lightness’. Piano’s concept of layering light and transparency is compliant to do many things all at once. To bring forward a certain architectural look, light is a general principle and vision is involved. Building with a lot of material teaches you to shape components and replace toughness with adjustability. Piano describes that taking things away from the material is also removing opacity from material. That lightness is an instrument and transparency is a

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