Taking a Look at the Sioux Uprising

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“Over the Earth I come.” This is not a statement made in haste but a declaration of war, coming from the mouth of a Sioux warrior, a Dakota. They call him Crooked Lightning. That was the first and only true announcement about the planned uprising from the Dakota Nation. The Sioux Uprising of 1862 was appallingly deadly and destructive considering it may have been avoided if the United States had paid the Sioux their gold on time. The Dakota Nation didn’t just wake up one day and decide to attack the settlers. They had been insulted, oppressed and cheated for years. Eventually, the Sioux decided to stand up and take back their land. The Sioux were hunters, not farmers. When the US decided to buy the Sioux’s hunting grounds and give them…show more content…
It is bloody, terrifying, and chaotic. Blame is spread, forts are attacked, lives are changed, and mostly, lives are taken. Lewis Peterson said “If the Sioux go to war, they won’t spare those of us on the outskirts.” He was right, they didn’t. When the Sioux Uprising started, people in the North began to question the involvement of the rebels. The rebels feared the blame for the Sioux Uprising would fall squarely on their shoulders. As a sign of their innocence, the rebels released some prisoners of war so they could go back to Minnesota and fight the Sioux. That is how young Adam Sullivan was reunited with his father. The Sioux were not strangers to warfare. They had numbers and fear on their side. So over the earth they came, attacking everything and everyone in sight. As they went from fort to fort, their rampage eventually landed on Fort Abercrombie. Fort Abercrombie was under siege for six long weeks. The few soldiers and civilians somehow managed to fight the Sioux warriors off. During that harrowing experience, Evan and Inga fell in love, but as it is with true love, it was complicated. Inga was already married to a horrid man named Ingvald. As luck and karma would have it, Ingvald died while the civilians moved from Fort Abercrombie to St. Cloud. Inga married Evan soon after and had a baby who she named Gunnar Evan Jacobson. “It was almost as if the dreams Christina and I had shared in our childhood had come true…… for once, I belonged

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