Taking a Look at the Sports Industry

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1.Sports is a very important part of the United States. When there is a plan to expand the US franchises in foreign countries the most important factor will be the local culture. The success of the market share capture can only be done when a company has understood the cultural differences that exist in other geographies. The cultural differences can be pertain to the social structures ,their manners and the rituals and values. There are also differences in attitudes, languages and communication patterns. As the US franchises pitch for foreign lands, the structure of the organization should also change (Shropshire et al., 1995).The search for global talent must go on and they have to make the sport well-known to seek new athletes and talented sportspersons. During their advance to other economies, they should be open to their culture and custom along with their beliefs. They should be in a position obey the rules and also design their gear for the various sports, with a respect the sportmanship. The risk of these franchises from failing in foreign culture can be decreased with the help of effective market research. This data mining will equip them with an understanding of the facts and about the country’s mentality towards sports. Thus they will also gain valuable information and this will help them to design their innovative propositions. 2.The globalization forces should be dealt through various means when the sports frachinses goes overseas. They need to
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