Taking a Look at the Suspension Bridge

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The suspension bridge is a very popular type of bridge all over the world. It’s hard to build but can be built in a lot more places than an arch or beam bridge. Scientists do not know when it was invented. They believe it was near the 15th century. Whom it was invented by is also unknown. A suspension bridge can span distances from 2,000 to 7,000 feet, longer than any other type of bridge in the world. It is a very unique bridge. A suspension bridge is a bridge with the weight of the deck supported by cables suspended from larger cables that run between the towers. The main parts of a suspension bridge are the towers, anchors, main cables, suspension cables, and the road way. It is one of the most expensive bridges to build in the world. Suspension bridges are mainly made out of steel these days. But some of them are made out of different things. A suspension bridge is very different from arch bridges, even though there can be arch in a suspension bridge. The first suspension bridge in America was in Niagara Falls, a beautiful waterfall in New York. The suspension bridge was abandoned and never completed. Though, it still counts as the first suspension bridge. Suspension bridges can be built in most places. You don’t need a perfect flat surface to work on unlike some bridges. All you need are the anchors and towers that touch the earth to keep it upright. What you do is, first, put in the anchors (they cost the most money sometimes) then the main cables along with the

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