Taking a Look at the TPS Mechanism

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Social infrastructure is mostly done at neighborhood level. Earlier it was done through land reservation through land acquisition, but in that process increases the financial burden on ULBs. There was also difficulties in procurement of land. So now a days ULBs are practicing the development by keeping the flow on market hands. However there are some cases for development of city level infrastructure through TPS mechanism. They are here taken as case studies.
After 1980 peripheral areas of Ahmedabad have been expanding rapidly. There was a huge differentiation between population within the city limit area and the outer peripheral area because the saturation of population within the city area and the subsequent large scale housing development in the fringe areas. Haphazard development took place because of absence of proper infrastructure and road network. The development in outer areas is expected to accelerate further as Ahmedabad has become a mega city. And due to this reason, the Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority has proposed additional 64 sq. km of urbanizable land over the next ten years in the revised development plan (2011). The expected population is expected to reach 46 lakhs and 60 lakhs in the former Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) and AUDA as per the proposed plan- with in a period of 10 years. Therefore it was important to ensure planned growth with good road network and infrastructure facilities in the developing areas of the city. (TOI)
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