Taking a Look at the Tesla Roadster

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The Tesla Roadster
Marketing an electric-powered sports car
Tesla Motors, Inc. is a startup automotive manufacturer of electric powered automobiles based in Silicon Valley, California. Named after the famous Russian inventor and visionary, Nikola Tesla, the company was started by Martin Eberhard in 2003 with the objective to manufacture and market electric cars that would be powered by Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries – the same kind of batteries that power notebook computers and cell phones. Funding for this venture was initially largely provided by Elon Musk, who was one of the founders of PayPal. After making roughly $180 million from the online payment service, he helped get Tesla off the ground in 2004 with an initial investment of $6.3 million. Later a number of wealthy individuals and private equity firms provided additional funding to the company.
The initial—and currently only—Tesla product is a two-seat, high performance sportscar, assembled in the U.K, by Lotus Cars, Ltd. The design of the overall product and Tesla-specific components of the vehicle took place in San Carlos.
The Roadster
Tesla Motors’ first production vehicle, the Roadster, is an all-electric battery-operated sports car. It has a range of 394 km per charge, and can be fully charged in around 4 hours. Estimated cost of powering a Roadster is $0.02 per mile, compared with about $0.25 per mile for other comparable sports cars. In 2009, a Roadster driven by Simon Hackett drove the entire

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