Taking a Look at the University of Oregon

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College Essay - University of Oregon The University of Oregon is located in Eugene, Oregon. The University of Oregon is widely known for an impeccable environmental science department as well as for being a very progressive university. The beautiful mountainous location allows for very applicable science classes and contributes greatly to the learning of the students. Relatively close proximity to the city of Portland and the Pacific ocean are very intriguing to many, attracting many potential students and adding greatly to the population of the school. The University of Oregon is a great choice for students interested in the future of the planet’s environments.
The University of Oregon was established in 1876 and started with 155 students and five teachers. Since its slow beginning, UO has been admitted to the Association of American Universities and its population has increased to over 24,000 students as of 2013( The women to men ratio is 52:48 and the student to faculty ratio is 24:1(Peterson’s). Ranked 217th overall in Forbes Magazine America's Top Colleges, the University of Oregon offers a lot of great opportunities for many types of students.
Applications for the University of Oregon are moderately difficult. With a 73% acceptance rate and moderate test score requirements, most applicants get in. The SAT test averages range anywhere from 993 to 1223(Forbes). Most students applying have a higher math SAT score(Peterson’s), further emphasizing the good
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