Taking a Look at the Warsaw Pact

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The treaty was signed by the USSR, Albania, Poland, Romania, Hungary, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, and Bulgaria, in Warsaw, Poland in 1955. This was created 6 years after the Western nations created NATO in 1949. This treaty was a “treaty of friendship, cooperation, and mutual assistance” ("APPENDIX C: THE WARSAW PACT -- Soviet Union"). The USSR stated that the reason for the creation of this alliance was the addition of Western Germany to the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). They weren’t very fond of this because they felt threatened. The Russians created this pact for one main reason; to keep its East European allies under its political and military control ("APPENDIX C: THE WARSAW PACT -- Soviet Union”). They didn’t want the rest of the surrounding satellite countries to end up joining NATO like Western Germany did, because that would put them in a very dangerous situation. Many people say that “Khrushchev’s ambition towards the power of the Communist party may explain the formation of the Warsaw pact – he wanted global domination for Communism.” ("The Cold War Museum"). The Warsaw Pact was a very big part of the cold war because it finally gave a depth to the “Cold War”. It seemed very one sided. This creation of another side was good for the “communist” states.
The Warsaw Pact was based on the objective of having a centralized defense between all of the…
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