Taking a Look at the Zodiac Killer

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There were 2,500 suspects, but the case was never solved.

The Zodiac’s first known victim is Cheri Jo Bates. His first letter, Confession, mentioned Cheri and said, “ she is not the first and she will not be the last”. Six months after Cheri’s death, the killer sent copies of the letters to the Riverside Press, the police, and her dad. Since the killer knew her dad, the police thought that Cheri knew her killer or he knew her. One of the suspects for her murder was her ex-boyfriend. Cheri’s murder was controversial and there is no evidence that the Zodiac was her killer( Wark,1).

On December 20, 1968, David Authur Faraday and Betty Lou Jensen were shot to death. Six months later, July 5, 1969, Darlene Elizabeth Ferrin and Michael Renault Mageau were shot in Blue Rock Springs Park in Benicia(Wark,1). When the killer approached them, they thought he was a police officer because he had a flashlight aimed towards them.Mageau was reaching for his ID when the killer started shooting. The killer shot at Mageau first, hitting him in the face and body(Wark,1). Since the killer was close to them, the bullets went through his flesh and into Darlene. Michael moved himself to the back seat and got shot in the knee. The killer then shot Darlene in both of her arms and in her back as she tried to turn away(Wark,1). A nearby resident, George Bryant, heard the gunshots and said they…

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