Taking a Look for Breast Cancer

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DIAGNOSIS The simplest way to diagnose for breast cancer is a regular self-check for changes in the chest or breast area. On finding a lump or cyst under the skin, it is ideal to visit a GP for confirmation although; most lumps or cysts are normal or non-cancerous. On confirmation of the presence of breast cancer, a patient would be further examined to find out the stage of cancer and what treatments would be ideal for them. This further testing includes a variety of techniques used to scan a suspected breast cancer such as Mammogram, Ultrasound and Biopsy. MAMMOGRAM Mammogram is an X-ray scan of the breast, these checks for abnormalities in the patients’ breasts. The ideal use of mammogram is to spot an early stage of breast cancer where this would be difficult to find by touch. Like most technology error can also occur during the detection of these tumors and this could lead to misdiagnosis. There are two ways a patient may be misdiagnosed, these are ‘false negative’ and ‘false positive’ results. As the name suggested, false negative result is when a patient has been given an all clear diagnosis but there is still a presence of a cancerous tumor. False positive is the diagnosis of cancer in the patient even though none is present. These misdiagnosis can lead to negative consequences for the patients, leaving them stressed or may allow for the early stage of breast cancer to further develop. ULRASOUND Also known as Sonography, Ultrasound scans the breast firing pulses

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