Taking a Look for Clinical Depression

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Everyone at some point will encounter a bout with depression. Depression is a common sickness among people in society for many different reasons. There are numerous types of depression that can be diagnosed on multiple levels. The diagnosis is usually determined by a primary physician who then recommends you to either a psychologist or therapy group. Causes of depression can vary from person to person. There are many factors to consider such as the person’s situation, personality, their reactions to events and family health history. The issues that arise from depression are bad health, heavy drug/alcohol abuse, and the worst, suicide. Depressions problems can be combated even at its worst, it just requires the own persons personal efforts. The most common health problems that occur are anxiety, isolation from others and eating disorders either anorexia or obesity. These issues are already problems for many developing teens. The need to be accepted by their peers pressures them to want to look thin and act differently. Other teens that feel out of place become obese and loose motivation to participate in exercise even if it is best for their health. This disease can be treated, with changing their diet and exercise, so they do not end up killing themselves. Another concern is drug and alcohol abusers who lead a life of hardcore drugs and heavy drinking, which can lead to over dosing and or alcohol poisoning/bad decisions. A part of treatment could be to participate in A.A.
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