Taking a Look into Food Photography

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Food photography is a huge part of our society today. Food Photography is an important element to creating an impact. Consumers react first through sight, and then are prompted to behave in a particular way in response to how they feel about what they see. A well laid-out design with beautiful color selection and appropriate typographic treatments will certainly grab the attention of a consumer. But a perfectly executed, well-shot photograph is more likely to make them react.
There are many factors that influence food photography. Food photography started in the 1600s as a painting, and the paintings looked as if they were taken from far away. The food they used for the art was artificially doctored up. For example ice cream was substituted with mash potatoes and paper mache mock-ups were sometimes used instead of real poultry. These substitutions were a result of hot studio lamps, but as cameras and film speed and sensitivity improved, more genuine food products were introduced. But when people found out, it gave the profession a horrible name. Because of the technical aspects of the food photography of this period, it was not taken seriously as an art. In the 1800s when the camera was introduced, it changed the way food photographs were taken. The first still life was a view from the window, by Nicephore Niepce in 1827. Due to the eight hour exposure time that it took to take the picture, the buildings were illuminated from both sides by the sun.
The word photography
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