Taking a Stand on Land, Forest, Wildlife Management

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From the age of 15 I have had a job and was always better at work than school. It wasn’t until recently that I decided I need a change, so I chose to start college. My love of fishing and the outdoors made the decision easy when it came to choosing my major, Land Forestry Wildlife Management. Although the decision came easy and I feel it is the right career for me, there are many issues, positive and negative, related to my field. Land, Forest, Wildlife Management does a lot of good for people and animals but can also hurt. Prescribed burning, wildlife control and forest management are all big issues related to the field. Prescribed burning, also called controlled burns, has many purposes. The American Indians set fire to stimulate the development of plants and keep areas open to produce food (Minnesota Department of Natural Resources). Prescribed fires help improve wildlife habitat and soil quality. After the burns, the brush grows back greener and lusher, providing nesting areas for creatures such as deer. In addition, prescribed fires are a cheaper way to manage vegetation as they require no bulldozing, cutting, or chemicals (Minnesota Department of Natural Resources). Many argue that prescribed burning is dangerous, but so are other things, including some things people do on a daily basis. For instance, driving a car. Just starting the car alone creates a spark that ignites combustion in the cylinders. A spark combined with gasoline in the car is a dangerous
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