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During 1992, one of the strongest opponents of V&S Absolut Spirits was born. SKYY Spirits LLC entered the market for alcoholic beverages without having any difficulties, despite the fact that Absolut had established itself in the States for the past 13 years. The entrance of the SKYY Company was mostly due to the lack of entry market barriers from the Absolut Vodka. The SKYY Company was founded in 1992 by Maurice Kanbar in San Francisco, California and ever since then, both its popularity and the sales volumes have actually increased phenomenally . Nowadays, SKYY Spirits LLC is one of the fastest growing enterprises as their main product is high priced vodka of high quality. However, there is still the question of why and how the success of this company was brought. It offers the same products with Absolut, yet it had much more success and fame. The similarities of the two companies are quite striking. An example of that the flavors of vodka that can be found in both companies are berry, vanilla, citrus, orange, peach and melon. If we were to use Marketing terminology we could refer to it as the “Me-too-product”. If we take into consideration us, meaning the customer, it does not make any sense to buy a new and unknown vodka that offers the exact same flavors as Absolut. Thus, in order to do so, the SKYY Company had to change the way it was presented as it had lots of competition in the market. As the Absolut Vodka established itself with the “universal shape of the

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