Taking the Side of Ms. Narwin from Avi's Nothing But the Truth

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If you’ve read the book nothing but the truth by Avi, you know that there are many sides you can take. It seems every time you turn a page you can form a new opinion. With every opinion you can form new points of view and sides. One of the main points of view is Ms. Narwin’s. My reasons for taking Ms. Narwin’s side are one, Ms. Narwin meant nothing against patriotism by sending Philip out of the class, two, Philip isn’t doing anything in the sake of Patriotism, three, Philip is a liar who gets around the truth, four, not only does the gossip of people blow things our of proportion, but the press defiantly does too, and five, there is a teacher/student stereotype that gibes the student a “poor me” reputation which makes them always right …show more content…
His whole case was supported by the facet that he wasn’t allowed to sing the song.
Philip is never really clear on his facts. He never tells his parents the real reason he isn’t going out for track. He completely lied when he said no one really even like Ms. Narwin. Ms. Narwin was also never out to get him, yet that’s what he told several people. Most importantly though, he never made it clear weather he was singing or humming the National Anthem. If he would have just made it clear that he was humming in the first place, patriotism might not have been such assumed intention. On page 35, 46, and 50-54, you see these deceptions.
One thing everyone knows is when people gossip and the press gets a hold on a story, the story won’t be straight and it will be a distortion of the truth. Both can be manipulating, false advertised, and one-sided. Also, both can be just as bad as the other. It depends on your situation.
One example of what gossip can do is shown in the Anderson Independent News Paper in an article called “Trusting Loved Ones Enough to Tell Them the Things They Need to Know.” The story tells about two sisters who were very close concerning aspects of their lives. One of the sisters, Sharon, calls her brother, Joe, only to find out the sister, who she thought she could confide in, is going to a heart doctor. The sister had previously experienced a stroke, so not knowing the reasoning of the appointment Sharon began to panic.
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