Takings Clause Of The Constitution's Fifth Amendment

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1. The acronym ‘NIMBY’ is when Americans believe in growth, just not anywhere near them is all. “Not in my backyard!” They are homeowners and voters who are active regarding waste disposal sites, incinerators, highways, prisons, halfway houses, mental health facilities, low-income public housing projects, power plants, pipelines, airports, and factories. When the power of the NIMBYs is added to that of “no-growth” forces, economic development can be stalemated, just as it can by “restricted growthers.” 2. 3. Yes it is possible. Sometimes the local government may “take” privately owned property for public use (for roads, or schools) under their eminent domain power if they sufficiently reimburse the property owner. Even if they compensate the owner it’s still wrong because the owner who’s probably own the land for a lot of years may not want their land to be tampered with. In efforts to preserve its natural order.…show more content…
Well the Takings Clause of the Constitution’s Fifth Amendment was intended to protect private property from unjust taking by government. Its determination is “to bar Government from forcing some people alone to bear public burdens which, in all fairness and justice, be borne by the public as a
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