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Unit Plans Unit 1: Information Systems Security Fundamentals Learning Objective  Explain the concepts of information systems security (ISS) as applied to an IT infrastructure. Key Concepts  Confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA) concepts  Layered security solutions implemented for the seven domains of a typical IT infrastructure  Common threats for each of the seven domains  IT security policy framework  Impact of data classification standard on the seven domains Reading  Kim and Solomon, Chapter 1: Information Systems Security. Keywords Use the following keywords to search for additional materials to support your work:  Data Classification Standard …show more content…
Your supervisor has asked you to draft a brief report that describes the “Internal Use Only” data classification standard of Richman Investments. Write this report addressing which IT infrastructure domains are affected by the standard and how they are affected. In your report, mention at least three IT infrastructure domains affected by the “Internal Use Only” data classification standard. Your report will become part of an executive summary to senior management. Required Resources None Submission Requirements  Format: Microsoft Word  Font: Arial, Size 12, Double-Space  Length: 1–2 pages  Due By: Unit 2 Self-Assessment Checklist  I have identified at least three IT infrastructure domains affected by the “Internal Use Only” data classification standard.  In my report, I have included details on how those domains are affected. Project Security Domains and Strategies Purpose This project provides you an opportunity to apply the competencies gained in various units of this course to identify security challenges and apply strategies of countermeasures in the information systems environment. Learning Objectives and Outcomes  You will learn the purpose of a multi-layered security strategy.  You will understand the information systems security (ISS) fundamentals including the definition

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