Takng a Look at Robert E. Lee

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Robert Edward Lee was born January 19, 1807 at "Stratford" in Westmoreland County. Continuing in the military tradition of his father, in 1825 Lee entered West Point and graduated second in his class in 1829, without getting single demerit in his four years there. Serving several military positions in Georgia, Virginia, New York, Texas, and Mexico. Over the next 23 years, his reputation as a strong military leader increased in recognition and respectability, and in 1852 he was named superintendent of West Point. From February of 1860 until February of 1861, for one whole year,, Lee commanded the Department of Texas -- the largest number of troops he had ever commanded. Lee had to evaluate his position as a Whig devoted to the Union and as a Virginian. At this point, he did not agree with the political and economic arguments for Southern independence. Though, unfortunate as the choice was, if pressed to choose between fighting for Virginia or for the Union, Lee realized the decision would be simple. Lee's loyalties proved to be on the side of the South because of his family tradition in and association with the state of Virginia. Lee was born on a Stratford Hall Plantation in Virginia. The fifth child of Henry “Light-Horse-Harry” Lee, and his second wife, Anne Hill Carter, His birth date has traditionally been recorded as January 19, 1807, but according to a historian, "Lee's writings indicate he may have been born the previous year”¬. Lee often thought of his father as he

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