Tale Of 2 Citiez Monologue

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Play "A Tale Of 2 Ci…" Powered by "A Tale Of 2 Citiez" Since a youngin' always dreamed of gettin' rich Look at me my nigga Fantasize about a white picket fence With some trees my nigga Used to want a pathfinder with some tints That's all I need my nigga Throw some 20's on that bitch and get it rinsed But now I see my nigga That the worlds a lot bigger ever since Picked up the paper and they say my nigga Eddie caught a body, I'm convinced Anybody is a killer, all you gotta do is push 'em to the limps Fuck being timid in the Civic Politicin' with the pushers and the pimps I'm tryna write a story, can I get a glimpse? Yeah can I get a glimpse? Last night I had a bad dream That I was trapped in this city Then I asked is that
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