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Question: What were the most critical choices faced by James Milmo early in the founding of Lynx? Do you agree with his decisions? I believe the most critical choices faced by James Milmo in the early years of Lynx were: 1. Partnership with Doug Curtis I do not believe Milmo made a good decision partnering with Doug Curtis to start Lynx. Milmo never had a great confidence and rapport with Doug Curtis. After the failure of the real estate idea Milmo mentioned that “I didn’t love the guy and I had to think hard about it …………”, that shows he never really believed in Doug but went ahead with Dough relying on Dougd’s experience with VC. Although Doug was considered a “veteran entrepreneur” he did not contributed to Lynx as mush as a…show more content…
As the idea and concept on which Lynx is build upon was of Milmo he should have strived for a much higher equity than Doug and should not have divided the equity equally among the founders. AlthoughI agree with his decision of making the equity of Curtis and Pascal vest over two years so as to keep Curtis and Pascal focused on the job. 4. Continuing with his MBA at Harvard. I believe Milmo made a very good decision to get into Harvard the second time and finish one sementer and then left to pursue his idea. It was a right choice as it kept the Harvard MBA option open for Milmo as if he would not have joined Harvard the second time, it was pretty much a closed door for him. 5. CEO structure I believe Milmo made a big mistake in defining the organization structure and did not clearly defined the roles and responsibilities of the founders. Ideally all the founders should have taken the roles which are their primary strengths and should have clearly defined the decision making structure. Although Milmo mentioned that the “triumvirate” structure worked for them but I believed it also let to several confusions for the employees and as Lynx expanded this confusion increased more and more. Apart from confusion, I believe making Doug CEO didn’t resulted in making best use of his expertise in sales. 6.
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