Tale of Multak- A Tragic Odyssey Essay

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“Ben Multak- Unperson” stands out unmistakably from the rest of the pedantic language denouncing my existence. The second hand on the clock was struck by lethargy as time slowed around me. The blades of the fans overhead whooshed in the air as if to threaten me, the paper shredder on Julian’s desk seemed to gnarl at me as it devours the past of Oceania in to bits of oblivion. Even the old coffee maker hissed and snarled as it served another cup of “cappuccino”. At that moment, a sense of despair washed over me as I realized that the whole world was against me. As a matter of fact, the world is against me, I was to be executed soon, not only will I not exist physically; I would cease to exist in memories, and history as well. Scarier still, I would never have been alive.
Soon, the Party would be searching for me; Big Brother probably has already issued the secret police along with the thought police to hunt me down. After the frantic HVAC system shutdown that sent important documents flying throughout the Ministry of Truth, I sneaked out of the building as other party members were in a state of disarray. Walking out to the pavement of the Victory Square, I was greeted by an enormous portrait of Big Brother hanging on the upper level of the Ministry of War. Out of the double doors to the side of that building came six burly men in bright red suits. Without thinking, I immediately turned away from them and started walking towards my apartment as I heard car engines start up…