Tale of Two Airlines

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The Tale of Two Airlines- Case Analysis

The Tale of Two Airlines is a case which analyses Professor Roger McPherson’s traveling experience with two different Airline carriers and how each company’s handling of the situation lead to two extremely different outcomes. The first was a connecting flight leaving from Hartsfield Airport in Atlanta to London, where Mr. McPherson was meeting an executive for a mayor power company. This flight tuned out to be a total customer service disaster and a major disappointment for Prof. McPherson, as he missed his connecting flight and therefore his meeting in London. The second flight took place a decade prior, a flight from Milan to London to connect to a flight to New York. This flight provided Prof.
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The 7 minutes earlier departure made the difference between Prof. McPherson arriving to London on time for his meeting or not. Considering the fact that information technology in the 90’s was minimal, I don’t think that the airlines had the capability to provide him with other flight options but at least, they could’ve looked at the passenger list, check that the flight arrived and wait for Mr. McPherson or find the way to inform Mr. McPherson that the flight was waiting. Perhaps the airline could’ve sent a cart to pick him up at the gate.
- Prof. McPherson felt that since he did not check any bags, the airline would’ve noticed. It seems that Prof. McPherson was under the impression that since he didn’t check any bags, the airline would’ve not had any problems accommodating him into a different flight if necessary. It is my understanding that bags checked create a bit of difficulty for airlines, especially with connecting flight. And no bags checked, make it a lot easier for the airline to accommodate travelers. In this day and age, airlines can easily access such information but back in the 90’s such information would’ve been very difficult to obtain.
- Another expectation of Prof. McPherson was that the airline would be anxious to capture his $2,500 fare. This is true, I think that any airline would be willing to capture such a high fare, allowing them to increase the earnings per flight and keeping such clients

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