Talent Acquisition And Retention For The Business World

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Talent Acquisition and Retention This paper introduces the concepts of talent acquisition and retention in the business world. It explains the importance of using these tools correctly and the role these two important concepts play in the success or failure of a company. Furthermore, this paper discusses the different areas of talent acquisition and retention and how help companies attract and retain long-term employees and help companies achieve their goals. Why is it important to attract and retain the right talent? Attracting the right talent and the ability to retain these employees is vital to the success of any company. Failure to attract and retain the right talent created high employee turnover affecting the business financially. The company will have to invest in recruiting, training, and benefits just to name a few. In addition, high employee turnover diminishes employee morale and affects company culture, which in the long run, decreases productivity due to poor workforce performance and thus, profits decreases. Competition for Talent In order to attract the right talent, a company or firm needs to be able to compete successfully with other firms seeking the same talent pool. In order to be able to compete with other firms, companies need to view employees as their greatest assets and be willing to invest in the employees. Simply, companies need to be able to put their employees first in order to be able to compete successfully on employee talent. According
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