Talent Acquisition Is An Important Aspect Of A Firm 's Human Resource Management Strategy

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Talent acquisition is defined as the “strategic approach to identifying, attracting and onboarding top talent to efficiently and effectively meet dynamic business needs” (Erickson, 2012). Talent acquisition has the unique role of ensuring job applicants not only have the right credentials for the job, but also have the right mentality for the job. In other words, the person who ultimately will be offered the job needs to ‘fit’ within the firm’s structure and culture. However, talent acquisition is more than just dealing with prospective talent. The acquisition team needs to needs to ensure the firm’s search for talent is compliant with all employment laws. Some laws talent acquisition teams must ensure adherence to are the Americans…show more content…
Having a functioning and efficient talent acquisition team is of vital importance to a firm. In a time where firms have to make quick decisions in order to remain relevant and profitable, availability of the right labor does not always keep up with the need. Not having a functioning talent acquisition strategy can be detrimental. It is essential that talent acquisition be accurate and timely as it “is the only function within HR that can destroy the business and HR” (Truitt, 2013). In order for the talent onboarding to be timely and successful, the search, vetting and hiring of talent will require appropriate acquisition actions. “The selection of tools, technology and outsourcing partners is a key element of a company’s talent acquisition strategy” (Erickson, 2012). The process begins when management identifies a need within the firm. That need and the criteria for what is considered a successful candidate is communicated to the talent acquisition team. The talent acquisition team must take the needs expressed by management and translate those needs into a plan. The talent acquisition plan includes the acquisition team understanding the labor market and understanding the skills and knowledge management deems necessary for the new hire to be successful in the position. Also part of the plan should be analyzing the acquisition process. In this task, decisions made and actions taken are studied in efforts to the process and future decisions as
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