Talent Acquisition Is the Lifeblood for an Organization.

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- Talent acquisition is considered the lifeblood for many organizations. Talent acquisition is based on an organization’s definition of what a star or talented performance is. Explain how organizations formulate these definitions and how they influence expectations concerning selection criteria to find these star performers. Consider in your answer how these definitions serve as benefits and constraints in an organization’s recruitment and sourcing strategy. Provide examples from industry and/or from your own organization. In my opinion talent acquisition is defined depending of the type of organization and industry. Talent acquisition can be defined as a talent with the right skills, right culture fit, and right experience to be…show more content…
Unfortunately, the company broke in the end of 2011. One big mistake, in my opinion, was because the board member and executives didn’t let us (HR department) to be involved in any decision. For example, these 9 hires were requested because the VP of engineer told that they needed to release a product by the end the year (as the company requested). We didn’t release the product on time and the company didn’t have money to keep the employees and we had our first lay off in February of 2009 (some of the hire was laid off). I suggested to my boss to hire a temporary employee, but they didn’t want. It was a very bad experience for me. Not as a recruiter, but I saw how important is a HR professional to be involved in the company business and understand the organizations’ business needs to try helping them. I am current working in a Biotechnology company. They define as “talent” candidates with PhD and preferable graduated or coming from one of our USA “best” universities (Stanford, UCLA, Harvard, etc). I am not saying that they only hire these candidates, but it is what they consider “talent” for the company. The company started end last year, and has less than 30 employees. We have no HR department yet. My boss, VP of finance is trying to take care the HR department. I gave her some suggestion about improve our benefit package that is very important for a company try to hire “talents). For
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