Talent Management : An Organization

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In the recent economic changes, talent management has become the important part of the human resource management as organizations are challenged for maintaining innovation and growth and the forecast predicts leaders are in search of anchors for their corporate ships. Leaders believe that talent management means maximizing business potential through people by selecting right people, develop their potential, build their commitment and support them with changing periods. Talent management plays crucial role in the development of an organization. An organization invest capital in technology and infrastructure for growth but does not get the desired outcome because of inefficient manpower involved in making strategies and
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The argument of the assignment is that talent management is the asset of the organization which is necessary for providing new direction to business and overall development of business activities. Hence the organization should treat their employees as the most important assets (Frame 2013). Talent management is the investment of organization towards employees.

A business case for organizations to adopt talent management as part of their strategic human resource management.
Talent management is essential for achieving organizations overall objectives and which in business amount to making money (Cappelli, 2008). The main contribution of the talent management is in building the intellectual capital for the company.
Talent management manages any downfall risk in workforce and improves the return on investment invested in developing employees which helps in forecasting and managing risks (Cappelli, 2008). In the present era of corporate world the companies are competing on the basis of talent and skills of the employees which results in the tremendous increase in hiring by the companies. Companies believe that by attracting and retaining best employees they can achieve higher market share and profits. The findings of McKinsey study in 2001 reported that high-performing managers are able to grew revenue and profits by 50 to 130
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