Talent Management : An Organization

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Talent management is a term that includes a large variety of different methods a company interacts with workers from training, coaching, succession, recruiting and performance. It is considered an umbrella term that all of the various talent strategies fall under. Talent management has become a major issue in todays’ job market with more companies beginning to understand the need to retain quality people in their workforce and have started to attempt changes in their talent strategies as the market has become even more competitive these days (TALENT MANAGEMENT,2015). OCBC is a publicly listed financial organization that has its main office in Singapore and has over 200 billion in assets and is the strongest of the world’s top ten strongest banks with a history of more than 80 years in Singapore. This organization has been given a number of awards over the years for Excellency. Some of these awards are most attractive employer, bank of the year, internal audit excellence, best managed board, best people manager are some of the awards the bank has received. The bank is known as not only for its discipline concerning risk management and credit, but also its methods of dealing with its talent. The bank has the same methods of dealing with its work force that it does in other areas of it business. The company has a number of ways it develops its workforce to attempt to create a win, win situation for the company and the employee. First the bank has a bank’s career best program
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