Talent Management : An Organization

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Introduction Talent is an advantage to a company. According to Blass(2009) talent management is the additional management, processes and opportunities that are made available to people in the organisation who are considered to be ‘talented’. Talent Management nowadays have a pivotal role in the companies because the stability and the reliability depends on that. With the talent management, HR is showing interest in the staff. HR role in the Talent Management HR has an important role in talent management by attracting, developing and to retain the talent using different methods to do it. It’s under the HR department, the process of recruiting suitable candidates, ensure if the work environment is good to the employees and ensure the good relationships with other colleagues. The employer’s biggest challenge is hiring and managing the talent. The hiring process used by the companies are the recruitment and selection. Recruitment Sources and Agencies Stages Preparation (Job role) Finding Possible Candidates (through ads) Selection (Interviews) Inductions (introducing the candidates to business) (Shivam.2015) Importance of the talent to the companies Talent has always been important in the companies, but it has become more critical
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