Talent Management at Infosys

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This analysis concentrates on the Infosys Group and the approach in which its executive management had elected to handle the firm’s human resources issues as they evolved, along with their challenging issues, during numerous stages of this pioneer company’s road to sensation. It also talks about iRace (Infosys Role
And Career Enhancement tool, which had a negative effect on their image as an apex company resulting in
4500 employees leaving their occupations. The opening years that led to Infosys becoming a viable entity were besieged with what many would consider to be insuperable challenges.
Nevertheless it was
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Short-listed candidates are usually invited for an interview as part of the selection process. Off-campus:
Send in your resumes to the email-id mentioned and you are sure to get a call letter if you meet their academic criteria

Lateral entry:
Engineers with experience from other organizations can apply through email or posts

It’s an internship program for undergraduate, graduate, and PhD students from top academic institutions around the world. As part of the Infosys family, you are given an opportunity to work on high-quality, customer-facing projects. While you venture into new and emerging technologies and business opportunities, you will discover your untapped potential and achieve the impossible.

The duration of the selection process is 2.5 hrs, which includes filling in an application form, an
Aptitude Test (Analytical Thinking and Arithmetic Reasoning) and a test of Communicative
English Language. The duration of the tests is around 90 minutes.

About Application Form:
An Application Form has to be filled, before the commencement of the Examination, which consists of 4 pages and contains questions regarding our personal details, like

Date, Place of Birth

Blood Group


Last Major illness / Surgery with specific date

Eye Vision

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