Talent Managment Strategy

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Assignment Three Talent Management Strategy Strayer University Talent Management – HRM 532 Dr. Mary D. Tranquillo February 17, 2013 Formulate a talent management strategy to encompass the entire talent requirements of the organization. My organization is Common Grounds Coffeehouses. Common Grounds are specialty coffeehouses that support the community by offering a place to gather while enjoying specialty brews in a neighborhood setting that facilitates social networking in a friendly and safe environment. Common Grounds seek satisfied customers and committed productive employees. Common Grounds have an organizational structure of internal orientation/differentiation strategy. Common Grounds operations look to develop its own talent…show more content…
A lack of objective data on which to assess talent can result in an over reliance on personal viewpoints which does not always result in the best talent being acquired (Onetest, 2007, para 2). A review and acceptance process will follow were the candidate is studied further and ultimately chosen or not chosen for continuation. If chosen the candidate is than placed on a development path to prepare him or her for future roles in the organization. The first step toward development in the Common Grounds organization is to assign a mentor. Having a mentor will help the candidate gain insight into internal operations from a seasoned veteran employee. A seasoned employee can enhance the development process because he or she is aware of and operates within the organization’s cultural parameters and has had proven success. Having a mentor also helps the candidates learn how to build and maintain relationships. According to Ferrell, Fraedrich and Ferrell (2011), developing and maintaining relationships is an essential aspect of business. The next step is to attend workshops that offer exposure and solution training to real world situations. Finally, special projects are given to ascertain the development of the candidate by their ability to apply their knowledge in a practical setting. Though the identifying, assessing and development of potential talent the
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