Talent Mgt at Hsbc

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Global Talent Management at HSBC Abstract Global talent management is an organizational development solution that supports the HSBC vision to be the world 's leading financial services company. This article will describe how the global talent management solution aligns to our business strategy and how we developed, refined, and implemented our global process in the context of our culture and core values. We will share best practices, challenges, lessons learned, and results from implementing our integrated talent identification and development system. The unique contribution of this work is the examination of ways to address complexities involved in executing people strategy in a global, matrixed, and results-focused business…show more content…
To properly aggregate data to identify talent for both current and future potential from different perspectives, the Group Chairman endorsed three non-negotiable measures: capability rating, performance rating, and self-reported career development aspirations. To illustrate how the information is aggregated for an individual, a talent pool member would need: * Capability assessment: ratings at or above standard (2 or 3 rating on a 5-point scale with 1 as the top) with one or two capabilities as a strength (2 or 1 rating) * Performance assessment: last 3 years ratings equal to or
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