Talent Powered Organization : An Organization Essay

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Talent-powered organization is defined as an organization that invests in building distinctive capabilities in managing talent to produce extraordinary results for the organization, such as providing more value to the customers. To become a talent-powered organization, it must follow specific processes to be able to turn talent into its competitive advantage. The word talent has been used in business to describe the overall experience, knowledge, skills, and behaviors that a person has. Therefore, a talent is a person with the necessary capabilities to help the business in gaining its competitive advantage. However, this was not previously the case, in the old capitalism people were viewed impersonally, as part of three main factors necessary for production which are capital, land and labor. Karl Marx even argued that this model alienates the workers with the fruit of their labor as their only goal is to produce for the capitalist. In recent times, this has changed significantly through the transformation brought about by technologies which resulted in the age of information.
Now, only around 20 to 30 percent of value is attributable to tangible assets. By far the greatest part of a typical company’s value now comes from the intangibles – such as its unique knowledge of production, service and delivery methods, its knowledge of the markets, its relationships with customers and suppliers, its brand value and reputation, and of course its workforce capabilities. Thus, the
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