Talent Retention Essay

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Talent Retention One of the most important things that a company can strive toward is reducing their turnover by retaining valuable talent. The people a company retains may be the most important question, special programs to hold onto high-producing employees are a wise investment for organizations, across-the-board. Turnover cost is something that all companies need to consistently evaluate. Henemann, et, al. (2012) points out, “Although turnover is often seen as a detriment to organizational performance, there are several positives. An extremely important part of employee retention strategy and tactics, thus must involve careful assessment of both retention costs and benefits at a reasonable cost to the organization (p. 68). Your…show more content…
She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from John Hopkins University, and a Masters of Business Administration from Columbia University. Her education and experience add-up to powerful package, as evidenced by her recognition in 2000 and 2001, by Fortune magazine as one of the top 50 most powerful women in corporate America. I firmly believe that a great non-profit leader is worth a salary commensurate with the level of responsibility. Kevin Ryan, former CEO of Gilt Groupe said, “For CEO’s building a team has everything to do with retaining great talent. Here’s another test of a company’s devotion to its talent: Is your head of HR one of the most important people in the company?” Ryan went on to say that he looks for people who have a track record of success and he also wants to hire people with passion. “The truth is that successful people are rarely let go: They’re hired by former bosses in other companies.” I agree with Ryan about talent being snatched up by former bosses. I have seen people leave the Red Cross just to turn around and recruit someone they worked with to join them at their new company. I question the legality of this practice and certainly question the ethical implications, however if enough time has gone by, it is all fair game. Recruitment and retention can be difficult, especially when someone is holding a stack of money and job-perks under
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