Taliban Outline

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1. Opening statement
2. Taliban rule
(How they rule, who is in power and the government methods.)
3. Treatment of marginalised groups under the Taliban rule
(The treatment of women and children.)
4. Implication of Taliban rule on Afghan society
(Deprivation of; liberty, poverty, health and education.)
5. Closing statement
6. Reference list

Opening statement;
Afghanistan consists of mostly infertile surroundings and is isolated from the rest of central Asia. The governing group, The Taliban, have been at war within the area from 1978 to the present day. The Taliban is a cruel and unjust militia organisation that implements the tactics of segregation and oppression, specifically against women and children.
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As a result of the poverty rate, numerous people have to sell their belongings in markets or on streets. Many shops and stalls are run by women before the Taliban took control and enforced segregated laws upon the movements of women, therefore decreasing the economic structure and leading the country deeper into poverty

The limited access to doctors and medical help makes it extremely common for Afghans to become dreadfully sick either physically or mentally. The medical help that was available would have had a substantial payment fee which ‘common people’ would not have been able to afford due to the low state of economy and high degree of poverty.
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As well as it being quite secluded, the safety of this area is not only of a very low standard but is risking the lives of every single person inhabiting the area. If the Taliban is to continue leading this country, the religion and history of the area will be long forgotten, the economic structure will continue to fall and many more people will be sacrificed to the Taliban vicious ways. If the citizens of this region aren’t helped, the future of a single, fast-vanishing culture will be non-existent and in its place will grow an army of cruel and cold
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