Taliban Terrorist Operative Mullah Muhammad Omar

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Mullah Muhammad Omar is one of American’s most wanted terrorist. The United States put up $10 million dollars as a reward if it led to Omar’s capture. The US then raised it to $25 million dollars for his capture. Omar’s terrorist cell is based in Afghanistan. Omar is considered a mysterious terrorist amongst his people and a mythological hero in the terrorist world. In 2004, Omar stated that the Taliban were “hunting Americans like pigs.” Omar has been wanted by the FBI since 2001 for sheltering Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda members years prior to the September 11 attack. In Omar’s past, following the Soviet’s withdrawal from Afghanistan in 1989, the country fell into chaos as various factions fought for control. According to a legend, in…show more content…
It was stated that the Taliban was inspired by the CIA when they used peanuts and bananas to train “monkey soldiers” in Vietnam. The photo below shows the monkey terrorist with his machine gun. However, no proof that a monkey terrorist is even a reality. This is just propaganda from Mullah Omar and the Taliban. It has been noted from all the propaganda that the Taliban can get the Terrorist Monkeys to shoot guns; however, they shoot at everything such as trainers, cooks, dogs, other monkeys and even look down the barrel of their guns and shoot themselves. Since the Taliban believes in martyrs, the monkeys will be the greatest martyrs because they kill themselves as well as each other. The biggest problem in trying to train monkey terrorist is trying to get the guns out of their hands; and the only way to remove the guns are to trade fruit for their weapons or just wait until the monkeys get tired of playing soldiers and lay down their weapons. For some reason, Americans and their allies have nothing to worry about because when it comes to monkey terrorist uniforms, it is considered a joke. However, it would be interesting to see monkeys fight for the Taliban. If the Taliban actually had “monkey terrorist” to fight Americans and our Allies, we would have to retaliate by training monkeys to counteract whatever Taliban did and that would mean that our training would consist of the following photograph: Any actions that would aid the

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