Taliban in Afghanistan Essay

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1)Afghanistan was once a place of relative peace. A place where one could do as they please and have the freedoms to be who they wanted to be. But a few years would change that all. Everything that the citizens of Afghanistan knew, their entire way of life would change. The cause? The Taliban. The Taliban are an extremist Muslim group from Afghanistan. The Taliban, who call themselves Jihad or “freedom fighters” are the most brutal extremist Muslims in the world. To understand the Taliban you must understand how they where able to gain control of Afghanistan ,there rule during the time period they controlled Afghanistan, and how they were overthrown by opposition groups.
2)During the 1980s Afghanistan was being over run by the Soviet
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While Afghanistan had always been informally Islam, the Taliban rule was the most extreme Islamic rule seen any where in the world. The new rules they imposed where a strict interpretation of Sharia law. Though the Taliban bases for the rules was Sharia many of the laws have no connection to the Islamic book of rules. Some rules which Afghans were forced to follow or be severely punished included: No music, television, no pork, pig, pig oil, anything made from human hair, satellite dishes, cinematography, musical instruments, pool tables, chess, masks, alcohol, tapes, computers, VCRs, TV, wine, lobster, nail polish. While these rules seem foolish all citizens where expected to follow each one or face punishment (Rashid). A young girl caught wearing nail polish punishment was cutting off all ten finger tips (Stewart 37). This is relatively light punishment in comparison to many of the Taliban's extreme punishments. During soccer games half time shows they would punish what they considered serious offenders. They would take a women, one usually caught without a male companion, bury her to where you could only see her head and stone her until her brain swelled so much that it killed her. A slow painful death the Taliban said she deserved. This occurrence became common throughout Afghanistan during the Taliban rule. While almost every other recreational activity was banned during this period, including even kite flying, going to see
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