Taliban vs Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

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Taliban Regime Vs the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Afghanistan is a mountainous land-locked country, which is one of the central Asian countries. In addition, it is an Islamic country that Islam religion has played a significant role in governing it. In Afghanistan Many governments had been changed in past several decades. For instance, the Kingdom of Amanullah Khan, the Kingdom of Mohammad Nadir Shah, Mohammad Zahir Shah, The Communist Regimes, the Islamic State of Afghanistan, Taliban Regime, Interim Government, Transitional Government, and the Islamic Republic Governments. As most of us agree that the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan changed very much in contrast to passed governments, especially Taliban Regime. This piece of…show more content…
The next very important difference between these two governments is entertainment. In Taliban Regime there was not any kind of entertainment for pleasure and enjoyments. There was just one TV and one radio station by the name Islamic State TV and Radio Station that showed and played just all the fundamental issues of Islam. There were no music, movies, cinemas, and parties. Even in wedding and other parties if someone played music, he or she would be punished and sent prison. On the other hand, In the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, there are more than twenty TV channels and almost eighty radio stations that bring enjoyments and pleasure in people’s lives. People can have music in their weddings and parties. They can play music, watch TVs, and listen to radios.
Another distinction between these two mentioned governments was the governing system of each. For example, in Taliban Regime, the government was just over several provinces. They did not have control all over Afghanistan although they had a central government in Kabul. Their government was always in risk that one day it would be collapse. Some of the important offices were not run properly. There was not good management in ministries. Corruption was in most ministries, especially in courts. Instead, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan contains a good and proper governing system. It is trying to offer chances of development for its
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