Talibe Research Paper

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At least 50,000 kids attending the many residential Quranic faculties, or daaras, in Senegal are subjected to conditions similar to slavery and made to endure oftentimes extreme kinds of abuse, neglect, and exploitation by the teachers, or marabouts, who constitute as their factual guardians (“Off the Backs of the Children” 2010). By no means do all Quranic faculties run such regimes, however several marabouts force the talibés, to beg on the streets for long hours—a system that meets the International Labor Organization’s definition of a worst form of child labor—and subject them to generally brutal physical and psychological abuse. The marabouts are grossly negligent in fulfilling the children’s basic essentials, such as food, shelter, and health care, despite adequate resources in most urban daaras, brought in primarily by the children themselves. In many urban daaras in Senegal, it's the children who support for the marabout. While talibés reside in complete deprivation, marabouts in most daaras demand sizeable daily sums from dozens of children in their care, through which some marabouts get pleasure from relative wealth. In thousands of cases where the marabout transports or receives talibés for the goal of exploitation, the…show more content…
Morning night fall, the landscape of Senegal’s cities is dotted with the sight of the boys—the overwhelming majority below twelve years old and many as young as four—shuffling in small teams through the streets; weaving in and out of traffic; and waiting outside shopping centers, marketplaces, banks, and restaurants. Often seen wearing filthy, torn, and oversized shirts, and sometimes barefoot, they hold out small plastic bowl or empty cans hoping for almsgiving. On the road they're exposed to illness, the danger of injury or death from automobile accidents, and physical and sometimes sexual assault by
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