Talk Show Meet Winston Smith

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The set contains seven chairs. Two chairs are placed in the middle for the host and the current interviewee. Five chairs are placed horizontally off to the side that the guests sit in. Five rows of evenly spaced rectangular fluorescent light fixtures line the ceiling, lighting the entire area.
Interviewer and host STELLA HAN is seated in one of the middle chairs. She is a young woman with short black hair, dressed in a collared shirt, a sweater, and jeans.

Host [Stella]: Welcome to The Chopper! I am your host, Stella Han. We have five very special guests for you today, all here to offer their unique perspectives on love, the Party, and freedom! Here’s our first guest of the day. A dismissed Party member who had a love affair with his coworker, Julia. Please welcome Winston Smith!

In walks WINSTON SMITH, who sits in the chair opposite Stella. He is a red-faced man of thirty-nine years with fair hair and varicose ulcer. His skin is roughened by coarse soap and blunt razor blades, and his face looks slightly bloated. He has a small and frail figure.

Host: So, tell me about Julia. She confessed her feelings to you first, correct? What exactly happened? How did you feel?
Winston [Jessica]: Honestly, I was shocked. Julia had pretended to fall down and I decided to go help her up. This was directly in front of a telescreen, so neither us of could talk freely. When I helped her back up, she slipped a piece of paper into my hand saying that she loved…

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