Talkboard Is An Interactive Chalkboard On Your Mobile Apple Products

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4) Talkboard (Apple App) Talkboard is an interactive chalkboard on your mobile Apple products. Students can connect to their teacher on this application. There is a voice call option where the teacher or another student can talk the student through the problem as it is being solved. The wonderful thing about this is that students can communicate and work through problems together. They can effectively collaborate in and out of class. I will definitely try out Talkboard. The school would obviously have to be one-to-one specifically with iPads. There are many ways to adapt this in a cooperative learning classroom. It would be very effective in an activity such as Simon Says. I would like to get styluses for my students if I…show more content…
I may even use some examples from the site in my classroom lectures. There are also many games/puzzles on the website that would be a great bell ringer or closing activity for the class. 6) Math Planet is an online web forum and math community where students can get extra math help outside of the classroom. Students have access to information in the following courses: pre-algebra, algebra I, algebra II, and geometry. There is also help available for prepping for the SAT and ACT. There are so many examples and videos that students can learn from when their teacher is unavailable. When I begin teaching, I will encourage my students to utilize this website for when they don’t have access to my help (weekends, absences - mine or theirs, etc.). This is also a viable option for the students who put no effort into learning during class. They will still have a place they can learn. There have also been times where, no matter how many times or ways a teacher attempts to explain something, I just don’t get it. But then, if I see the same thing somewhere else, it makes complete sense. Essentially, Math Planet is just another form of differentiation that I may use in my future classroom. Part Three: Teaching Strategies Bank 1) Differentiate: Use fractions instead of integers Using fractions or decimals instead of integers is a simple way to differentiate in the classroom. Students who find the current topic dull and
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