Talking At The Gates : A Life Of James Baldwin

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“ Talking at the Gates: A Life of James Baldwin” is connected to history in many ways. One way for sure is because James Baldwin was one of many African American influential writers who grew up in America. He also grew up around the time the Great Depression was going on and the Harlem Renaissance. This story is connected to history because at this point of time in the United States, there was so much racism going and a lot of white supremacy groups trying their best to make blacks seem inferior. James Baldwin was one of those African American males who beat the odds and was successful before his death. The first section of the book was “No Story, Ma” was pretty much about Baldwin’s early childhood. According to the book James Baldwin…show more content…
James Baldwin noticed that French intellectual life was not generally the concern of American blacks and also noticed that Paris attracted artists, several black writers and jazz musicians. On the first day James Baldwin ever set foot in Paris, Themistocles Hoetis, the founding editor of Zero magazine was sitting next to Richard Wright. They later became friends and Baldwin called him “ the best African American writer in the world.” James Baldwin wrote the book “ Notes of a Native Son” which rooted from Richard Wright’s book “ Native Son.” In the third section “ A Severe Cross,” James Baldwin said he will always consider himself as greatly privileged. Baldwin was present at the first attempt to desegregate Southern schools, but he was only there to do his job, an honest job of reporting. As Baldwin reflected on the 9 years he spent in Europe he noticed that the America he left behind had changed. Baldwin’s first stop was Charlotte, NC, where he gathered up material for his essay “ Fly in the Buttermilk.” When he flew from Charlotte, NC to Atlanta he met Martin Luther King Jr. From then on he went to Birmingham then Montgomery, where he decided to investigate a town his first night there. Expanding to the fourth section of the book “ Tear This Building Down” started off being gregarious because his celebrity-rating rose. Baldwin and his clan became more trustworthy according to

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