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Tallink Silja Group SWOT analysis
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats of Tallink Silja Sweden.

Figure 34: SWOT analysis of the Tallink(tallink,2016)
Figure 34 defines the SWOT analysis of the tallink and it is representing the strengths , the weaknesses , the opportunities and the threats for the Tallink
The SWOT analysis of Tallink Silja Group (2016)is as follow:

The following were identified as the strengths:-
-Established well-brand name in the market:- This name of the Tallink has been well established in the market
-International operations: Tallink is serving the various destinations in different countries
-High profitability and revenue: The tallink is generating a good profit for their overall business
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Theoretical data has been collected from the various articles and books and from the available data sources online and for situation analysis statistical data from different resources, govt website and official tourism website. The material has been gathered with the help of questionnaires, interview and finally the outcome will be analyzed in accordance with the research question.
The Methodology for this report consist of the collection of the data from the people with the help of the online and the offline questionnaire. The online questionnaire was made with the help of the google docs. The questionnaire was presented to the people and also other than that direct interviews with the people was conducted. The selection of the participants was random.
The methodology includes the questionnaire and the survey was conducted online and the offline and the data was recorded and analyzed. In the questionnaire the questions were presented to the participants a total number of 129 people participated and the data was recorded and analyzed. A total number of eight questions were presented to the
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