Tally Youngblood: Total Unexpected Journey

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Tally Youngblood is a fun, caring friend but. But the thing she do is just too outrageous and adventurous. Tally’s adventure is a total unexpected journey. Tally is a sneaky, hard-headed, and adventurous girl. Tally Youngblood is very sneaky she tricked the room into thinking she was in her bed so she could sneak out to go to new pretty town. “Should an old portable heater one that produce about as much warmth as sleeping sized tally”. It was just an old fashioned trick the uglies used to get out. Hard headed is what Tally was. Dr. Cable tried to get information from tally but tally wouldn’t say a thing. “You can die for all I care” Dr. Cable said. Tally doesn’t want to snitch on her friend because she’s a good friend. Tally is very adventurous
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