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Tamara Johnson Mr. Migues Honors English 3 13 February 2015 Human Trafficking Human trafficking,the illegal practice of trading in human beings for the purpose of prostitution, forced labor, or other forms of exploitation, is a crime that affects the most vulnerable citizens of society. After drugs, it the largest criminal activity globally! The victims must be the primary concern for all law enforcement units. Human trafficking in the world can be diminished and possibly erased through teachings, government intervention, and awareness. Human trafficking has been present for thousands of years. Beginning with the ancient Greek and Romans to the medieval times today, humans have been exposed to both physical and sexual slavery. Even…show more content…
They could not escape due to barbed wire (Yong 1932). To address the issue of women becoming victims, the United States held the fourth World Conference in 1995. After these actions began to take place and rehabilitation institutions were provided for social, medical, psychological needs to victims (Yong 1995). Due to a case in Taipei, Taiwan, numbers of young females were brought to the US illegally using fake passports. The women were discovered by National Immigration Agency and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. A total of seventy-four victims were brought in for investigation (Yong 2009). In today time, more people are in slavery now. Over one million people are being trafficked within the US and the number continues to grow. Eighty percent of those victims are females (Surprising Facts). President Obama has announced January to be Human Trafficking Awareness Day for individuals to try to increase awareness and about human trafficking among the general public (Yong 2011). Although citizens need to be aware, it is the government that needs to be doing their jobs. The government is the most important factor in the global effort to contest human trafficking (Government Corner). Congress needs to pass a law that children are not criminals. Because the children are forced into prostitution, they should be treated as victims not criminals

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