Taming The Curiousity

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There is something most if not all boys have in common, being either a child or even an adult: an unexplainable fascination with guns. Some would argue that this fascination, along with access to real or toy guns, is in combination with lethal consequences. This belief is based on the unproven notion that children tend to mature with less of an appreciation for the lives of others. On the other hand, there are those who do not view the combination as an issue. These people do understand that there is an associated danger, but that is stems more from the pre installed mindstate of the wielder. Most of those who argue this stand on child gun safety would agree that guns are important parts of American culture, and it would be…show more content…
With Gun’s being so prevalent staple in American popular culture, it can be confusing to a child if they are told that guns are bad things, when a lot of their favorite fictional and nonfictional idols use them to a great multitude. Comic book hero Captain America, a genetically enhanced super soldier from the World War Era who ends up in present day America praised as a patriotic superhero. How is a child supposed to believe that guns are only malicious weapons when their favorite hero uses them to save the day against bad guys who also wield fire arms. Will they view guns as a tool for evil or a weapon of malevolent destruction, this is determinant on their understanding of guns beyond just being good or bad. Children should have a complete as possible understanding of guns from every parameter. They will always have an interest in firearms but it is the responsibility of those with the necessary authority to guide the obsession to a point where children are not a danger to themselves or others. Simply teaching them how to use a gun will not suffice, you do not want children killing other people thinking that they are Captain America saving the day. A child’s imagination can be a dangerous thing when coupled with a lack of knowledge. All they see in a movie is that the bad guy is shot, falls down and then

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