Taming of the Shrew

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Taming of the shrew The Taming of the shrew was just one of William Shakespeare's 4 great comedies. Taming of the shrew is based on a king named Baptista who had two daughters named Katherina and Bianca. Both daughters had arranged marriages by there father. Since Katherina was older she had to get married first. Her father chose Petruchio for her to marry. Katherina did not want to get married to Pertuchio, but Katherina did not have a choice. Katherina was very disobedient at the begging of the marriage, but Pertuchio was very determined to tame her. Katherina would not want to do anything that Pertuchio was telling her to do. But soon she found out that if she did everything that he asked her to do then she will get what she wants.…show more content…
She goes on by saying, "But we have more reason to murmur against Nature, then against me, who hath made men more ingenious, witty, and wise then women; more strong, industrious, and laborious than women; for women are witless and strengthless, and unprofitable creatures, did they not bear children." But in Katherina's speech she only talks about women being less strong then men physically but that other then that women and men are pretty equal in everything else. As you can see there are many similarities and a couple differences between the two speeches. Both Katherina's speech and Margaret's talked about how men and are good not bad. They talk about how we should appreciate men because they do so much for us. Although it seems to me that Margaret bashes women more then Katherina does. But they both talk about pretty much the same things. Both Margaret and Katherina believe that men are good for women and that woman should not take them for granite. Do as much as you can for your man because he does so much for

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