Tamisha Williams . Final Paper. After Reviewing The Contents

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Tamisha Williams
Final paper

After reviewing the contents of the Contemporary Moral Issues, the textbook by Pearson, all though all chapters of the book were filled with information. I also learned a lot through the videos and discussions. I stumbled across three most important chapters to me. The three chapters’ focuses on racism, Gender and Cyber ethics.
In the chapter 6 we discussed racism. Some people think that racism is over and that it no longer exist. Those are typically the people who doesn’t understand the Black Lives Matter Movement. I have personally dealt with racism and will continue to in my future. When Applying for a job I have to worry about if I didn’t get the job because of my name or was it because someone was more
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Being a country who is ran by men, it is still hard for a woman to compete with men. A woman could have a 4 year degree at Harvard and a man with a two year degree will still get the job. Even if a woman is hired, her male counterpart will still make more money than she will. Sad, but true. When it comes to gender roles, although now days women work out side of the home, women are still the ones who come home to work their second jobs. Pick up the kids from school, clean, cook dinner and get the kids ready for bed. Some men may help out with the second shift job, but not often. Our textbook refers to Susan Moller Okin who talks about making family roles fair and just by reconstructing family and gender roles in her book entitled “justice, Gender, and the Family”. I agree with this, women and men will not be able to share house hold work until men and women or forced to rethink family responsibilities.
Woman have a lot to consider in their everyday lives. Although bringing a child into the world can be a beautiful thing, women should have the right to choose if they are ready for that commitment and if they want to bare any children at all. In some countries these are freedoms that women do not have. When reading about genders, it was sad to read about “honor killings”. Honor killings typically involve male family members killing a female family member who caused shame or disgrace to the family. The female could be a victim of rape and

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