Tampa Bay Water is a seawater desalination plant located in Tampa, Florida. Their method of

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Tampa Bay Water is a seawater desalination plant located in Tampa, Florida. Their method of desalination of ocean water or brackish groundwater is another method to obtaining water from fresh surfaces or groundwater sources. This could be used to replace the need for a water supply dam. There are several different technologies that exist to remove salt and other impurities from ocean water. The two most commonly used methods are thermal distillation and desalination. Thermal distillation copies the natural water cycle by using heat to create a vapor that is converted into freshwater. Desalination is a process that removes some amount of salt and other minerals from saline water. The traditional process used is vacuum distillation, which…show more content…
The major advantage of dual-purpose facilities is they can be more efficient in energy consumption, allowing for desalination to be a more viable option for the production of drinking water. The advantages of desalination represents an opportunity to use oceanic water resources. If the appropriate conditions are present, a desalination plant could potentially be used to replace an existing or future dam. As existing sources of useable water run dry, desalination is a very effective, alternative source of water. On top of that the distillation process produces one of the highest quality water, with a range of 1 to 50 ppm tds, tds is also known as total dissolved solids. With the recommended California standard being 500 ppm, this quality of water is far beyond any other water quality seen before. The disadvantages of desalination is that in order for a desalination plant to be a viable alternative to the water supply dam, the users must be located fairly close to a coast or large source of oceanic water. The desalination technology can also have adverse environmental impacts of its own. The plants are very energy intensive and must dispose of a highly concentrated saline byproduct into the ocean, which can cause adverse affects to marine life in the surrounding and exceeding areas. Waste brine can also
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